Who Would Have Thought Dental Awareness Messages For Under 5’s Was This Much Fun?

Hi, this is Franc Karpo of Amazing Kids Magic. I am here to help provide your children with fun educational programs.

Delivering dental awareness messages to audiences of children under 5 is essential.

As parents, we all do our bit after breakfast and before bedtime. What about the bigger picture? The connection between dental hygiene, diet and the dentist?

Mainly left to early learning professionals to explain, it can tricky to make the fairly dull content exciting to young minds. This is where an educational message delivered in a fun entertaining manner can make a big difference and a huge impact for your children.

My 40 minute Happy Teeth show uses Magic and Comedy to deliver three important Dental Awareness messages:

  • Dental Hygiene is critical
  • A good diet promotes healthy teeth
  • Visiting the dentist is a positive experience

Learning about Dental Awareness has never been so much fun!

Tommy the Tooth does a brilliant job of helping the children understand the importance of eating the 'right' food. Too much sugar is not good for Tommy and he says let's eat more... veggies and fruits, as well as drinking more water and staying away from the sugar drinks.

Tommy gets sad because eating too much sugar have hurt his teeth. But then Tommy remembers to brush his teeth twice a day - his teeth are nice and his smile is bright!

The magic words the children learn throughout the show reinforce the key messages:

1. Brush your teeth twice a day! (Hygiene)

2. ​Bad food - no way! (Diet)

3. I like the dentist - Hooray! (Seeing a visit to the dentist as a positive experience)

And in a very funny and exciting magic trick, Robby the Rabbit and his friends remind your children to make the right dental awareness choices and to have Happy Teeth!

Speaking of rabbits... for the 'Grand Finale' with all my shows - I make a cute adorable bunny magically appear!

The look on your kids faces when they pat/stroke Fluffy at the end of the show, is simply amazing!!!

Check out the video below of me and the bunny in action at a preschool. in Billerica (You will see how much fun the kids will have.)

5 Star Educational Entertainment!!!

I have Tons Of Awesome Reviews from Ecstatic Preschools
about my Magic Entertainment. Here's another...


Franc - you far surpassed my expectations!

Amazing! What better word to describe your show. I have been in the pre-school business for 30 years now never have I never seen a performer keep the little ones attention better than you. We have had other magicians in the past, but as you know dealing with pre-school age children is a challenge. Thanks again for such a wonderful show!

Sandy Bransfield l ABC Preschool l Malden, MA

OK, I mentioned a Special Discount...here are the exciting details...

My standard preschool/child care center rate is $525.00. However, since I have very limited dates (October 17th to November 9th), I am offering a whopping discounted price of only...


*If need more than one show, I can discount multiple programs even further to $250.00 per show.

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