Franc Karpo has gone raving mad. He will let you... 

Name Your Price!

Congratulations for coming this far… you now qualify for your own ‘Magic Show Bonanza!’

You may already be familiar with Franc Karpo and know of his outstanding work with children and families throughout Scotland.

If you are, then you KNOW that Franc's magic is guaranteed to help make Primary school events amazingly fun!

If you have not yet witnessed his Magic first-hand, you are in for an amazing treat that other teachers know... that children simply adore Franc Karpo and his silly magical antics!

Rave Review From A Primary School Educator

school entertainer

Louisa Gamble

Lochside Primary

"We booked Amazing Kids Magic Franc Karpo for the school's Golden Anniversary celebrations. Franc performed 3 different shows for Nursery up to P7, and all the children had an amazing time!"

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In  a moment I will tell you how you can 'Name Your Price' for my Magic Show, but first a quick overview of my programmes:

  • Amazing Magic
  • Hilarious Comedy!
  •  Fluffy the Adorable  Bunny
  • And Loads of Audience Participation!

Important Details About The  'Name Your Price'  
Magic Show Offer

There are no gimmicks, no hidden fees, you simply name the price that you can comfortably afford and bring me to your school!

The only restrictions are that the Magic Programme...

• Is subject to my availability.

• Must be held midweek (Monday to Friday) from now until 21st December, 2018.

• Must be performed between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm. 

• Must not be a ‘For Pay’ event but merely a Primary school enrichment event. 

(If you would like to engage my services for another type of event, contact me to discuss the details.)

Note: If your school location is north of Glasgow, there may be a travel fee.

I only ask you to be realistic and fair in determining your budget for this Magical Treat—but no fee will be refused—you really do 'Name Your Price'!


I want to be fair—but I am not familiar with Franc Karpo’s Standard Rates. How do I determine a fair ‘Name Your Price’ Offer?


Like most Professional Entertainers—Franc offers a wide range of Fee Options that are based on a number of variables that include:

  • The Performance Format.
  • The Length of the Programme.
  • The Date and Time of the Event.
  • Peak Season or Non-Peak Season?
  • The Travel Distance.
Franc Karpo magician

In this case I am offering an Amazing 45 Minute Comedy Magic Concert that will occur midweek during a non-peak season.

The lowest fees that I normally accept for similar engagements for Primary schools would range from £250.00-£300.00.


Does this mean that I have to offer a fee close to £250.00?


No. Not at all. This is a ‘Name Your Price’ Offer—but knowing that the programme that you are booking as a treat for your pupils has a commercial value of at least £250.00 may factor into your offer.


Why are you having a Name Your Price offer?


Because my standard rates are a bit higher than the average magician, this is an opportunity to book me at a price you can afford. And when you see how much fun your children have... and hear their screams of laughter, you will consider having me back at a price closer to my standard rates. 🙂

Sounds Great... How Do I Book Franc?

Simply fill out the form below and enter the fee that you can comfortably pay. It’s that simple. No hassle, no negotiation, no compromise on quality. 

You can also contact me at: 01387-216265.

I will then get back to you to discuss my availability. It doesn’t get any easier than that! 

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