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(... How I Got My Start In Magic)

Note: Before I forget... I'd like to mention that all of my Amazing Kids Magic performances are fully guaranteed. Details are on my 100% Rock Solid Satisfaction Guarantee page.

Franc's story... 

My first memory of an interest in magic was reading the biography of Harry Houdini at the Boys Club in my home town in Worcester, Massachusetts. I was only 7 or 8 years old at the time.

A couple of years later, with my paper route money, I started buying all the jokes and gags from the local joke store.

The Magic Bug...

It wasn't until my teen years that I actually got hooked on magic. I devoured every book on magic tricks I could get my hands on at the local Public Library. I still have fond memories of running home from school, locking myself into my room and practicing my magic in front of the mirror. (This was in the 70's before magic video's and DVDs.)

Because I was such an extremely shy kid, I didn't show anyone the magic I could do for a couple of years. Magic was actually a great way for me to 'come out my shell.' This is one of the reason's why I have developed a Magic Workshop for kids that teaches them simple magic tricks that will boost their self confidence and self esteem.

For detailed info about my magic workshops, check out - Amazing Kids Magic Workshops.

My First Paid Gig...

birthday party magician

In my late teens is when I actually had the nerve to get in front of an audience. (If you knew me as a kid, You would NEVER guess that I would turn out to be an entertainer. Now you can't shut me up. 🙂 I can still remember my first paid gig. I got a whopping $50.00 for a kids magic show for a Primary 1 class! The coolest part about it was the teacher mailed me a folder of drawings from my show from all her kids. It was amazing!

At this time I started to get a bit more serious about my passion. I graduated from a local magic school: Steve Dacri's School of Magic. Steve was one of the most in demand corporate magicians in the world, who performed regularly in Las Vegas.

While I was working on my act, I still had no clue how to market myself or run a business. I was performing magic professionally part time and working as a bartender to make ends meet. I was entertaining mostly at kids birthday parties and restaurants.

The BIG Decision...

I did this from 1985 to 1994. In 1994 I decided to take a shot at being a full time magician. And I haven't looked back since. I switched my focus from learning new magic to marketing my business. (I spend 90% of my time in sales/marketing/admin... doing the magic show is a reward!)

I put together several different themed shows for preschools  and was building a nice business just from that.

Working in the schools lead to booking more birthday parties.

I also started to work corporate events. Some of my clients include: Pfizer, Fidelity Investments, Unisys, Franklin Covey and many others.

From USA to the UK...

My life and magic career took a major change when in 2011, I got married and moved from the States to Dumfries, Scotland!

It's been hard work, but I have now established myself as one of the premier kids/family entertainers in Scotland.

My philosophy is simple:

Follow your heart and do what you have passion for. It you happen to make big bucks while doing it -so much the better, The point is I know many people who are making the buck and are miserable because they hate their jobs.

I perform mainly at kids birthday parties, Communions, Christenings, weddings,  and schools. 

My school program, 'The Magic Within' has been a huge hit with pupils and educators. For the corporate world I do company outings, Christmas parties, dinner banquets, motivational programs, sales meetings etc.

People ask me why I still do kids magic parties if I can get £400.00, £500.00 or more for corporate events. The answer is simple...

I LOVE to make kids happy. There is nothing better in the world, (in my perspective) than making kids laugh and have a great time.

The look on their faces when I make my bunny, Benny magically appear at the end of the show is simply amazing. For me - it's therapy for my soul. 🙂

Holy Communion Party

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